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4 Bedroom Houses
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Jamm Living

The JAMM Living partners have a keen eye for detail, a key understanding of modern urban living and an acute appreciation of the London marketplace. It means that a JAMM Living development offers luxurious contemporary living in the most sought-after residential locations.

Location comes first, naturally. A JAMM Living development will typically be in a popular London 'village' where the fashionable city lifestyle can be enjoyed with maximum convenience. Think Notting Hill, Muswell Hill.

The developments look good, and they look different. Period pastiche is not for JAMM Living; instead, the company commissions striking contemporary architecture that makes the most of the light and the views of its particular location.

This visible difference continues inside the properties. The latest energy efficient fixtures, fittings and technologies are used: there’s underfloor heating as standard, built-in music speakers and small but important details such as de-misting bathroom mirrors.

And, as a London developer, JAMM Living is always concerned about working with local communities and residents to create new homes that are a real asset to the neighbourhood.